Akivya Enterprises is a part of the blue star group of companies, it was founded with the vision to provide high quality products at best friendly prices to the national as well as the global markets. 

The BLUE STAR group manufactures, trades and exports diversified products like: 

Paper Products - Paper Cups, Tissue Paper etc. 

Food products - Rice Flakes, Wheat, Papad, Soya Chunks, Starch etc.

Our promoters have been in the manufacturing business for more than 35 years and we started our first unit in 1986. We’re currently strong in the Indian markets and we’re gradually trying to expand overseas. 

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. With multiple years of experience in the industry and our vast network of associations, we’re able to cater to customer requirements and provide high quality products to meet the demand.

Our Products

Rice Flakes


Paper Cups


Wheat Flour

Potato Starch 

Moong Badi

Tissue Paper